Digital health startup Medloop raises €6m

Medloop, the digital health startup that aims to shift the paradigm of care delivery from reactive to preventative, has raised €6 million in investment to enhance its product offering and continue expansion across Germany and the UK. The investment was made by Kamet Ventures and AXA.


Founded in 2018 by Berlin-based entrepreneur Shishir Singhee, Medloop offers thousands of patients intuitive self-service features that enable them to navigate their own care-pathway. The app provides other patient services including online appointment bookings, electronic medical results, prescription refills, as well as an interactive chat function.


Medical practices in Germany use the Medloop doctor system to run their entire practice, offering all needed functionality from the online waiting room to quarterly billing.


The investment from Kamet and AXA will be used to leverage the current infrastructure of Medloop and expand its product offering to help doctors deliver preventative care in Germany and the UK.


To this end, Medloop is developing an evidence-based medical rule engine embedded on the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of patients. This tool will enable doctors to obtain a risk-stratified view of their patient population, and proactively optimise patient care to improve outcomes.

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