Jeweller Fenton & Co raises over £1.7m from investors including StitchFix exec

Fenton & Co., a digital-first fine jewellery brand, has raised over £1.7m in a funding round led by angel investors including Elizabeth Spaulding, president of StitchFix, and Alex Chesterman, founder of Zoopla. Camilla Dolan, whose previous investments include global businesses Gousto, Bloom & Wild and Heist, was also among the participants.


Founded in 2018 by Laura Lambert, the business rebels against the traditional methods by which engagement rings are shopped for. Instead, it offers customers the option to create their own designs with ethically mined gemstones and recycled metals through a made-to-order service.


With a strong presence on Instagram (the social media app accounts for up to 25% of its web traffic), Fenton & Co. is leveraging the power of digital channels to boost its direct-to-consumer business.


The funds will be used to invest in new technology, amplify the company’s marketing efforts and expand the growing product line. 

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