Mac and Estée Lauder products dominate popularity charts in key beauty categories

Fashion and beauty search platform Stylight has released a report tracking the most popular cosmetics products over the last six months, revealing strong performances from Mac and Estée Lauder in lipstick, foundation and skincare.


Stylight’s report highlighted some general pricing trends, identifying a high-to-low approach in shoppers’ behaviour, leading to a “varied mix of high-end products and drugstore favourites” at the top of the board in most categories.

The study provided the average price of the top 150 products in each category. The average price for the most popular lipsticks came to $27.54, while the figure was $37.16 in the foundation category and $68.22 for skincare. Meanwhile, prices averaged out at $14.22 for nail polish and $102.76 for perfume, which, unsurprisingly, was the most expensive category overall.

Founded in 2008, Stylight allows users in 16 countries to compare the prices of more than 27 million products from 1,300 online shops from around the world.

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