Oliva launches in the UK with £2.2M to address rising mental health crisis in workplaces

Mental health and effects of anxiety can have a far-reaching impact on productivity. Hence, in an uncertain world like ours, an ever-increasing number of employers are implementing changes that foster mental wellness for their employees. Add to it the trauma and uneasiness caused by the pandemic, more organisations are attempting to focus on the emotional health of employees recovering from Covid, blurred work-life boundaries in the ‘work from home’ context to keep employees connected, engaged and motivated in the extended remote work environment. In the UK, the Office for National Statistics has noted the pandemic is creating ‘a rising toll on mental health, with many people not necessarily accessing medical help.’

As these companies struggle with unprecedented strain on their employees’ mental health, they still lack a dedicated solution. While some of them offer insurance and wellbeing solutions to address employees’ physical health, a proper mental healthcare solution that covers the broad spectrum of both employee and manager needs hasn’t been available until now.

Entering this space is UK-based Oliva, which has launched the first comprehensive online mental healthcare solution for businesses in the UK and Europe. The mental wellness startup has also announced a £2.2 million new pre-seed investment led by Atomico cofounder Mattias Ljungman’s new Moonfire Ventures, with participation of numerous tech founders and executives in Europe.

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