UK mental health startups to cope with burnout blues

Since the pandemic, there has been a huge uptick in people being worried about their mental wellbeing. Research by cloud accounting software provider based in the UK, FreeAgent revealed the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small business owners and the steps that they have been taking to combat it.

According to the research, around 2.9 million SME owners have experienced burnout as a result of COVID-19. With rising pressure and stress being felt from the pandemic, many business owners have turned to new hobbies and measures to help lessen the negative impact on their mental health.

While a fraction has implemented personal lifestyle changes to combat burnout, more than 22.9 per cent of UK small businesses have implemented mental health policies for their businesses or employees since the start of the pandemic. Given that, here are some mental health startups that are helping small businesses, employees and the common people come out of the pandemic stress.

London-based mental health startup Spill provides remote mental health support for companies via Slack. The startup offers all-in-one mental health support that helps employees to speak with qualified therapists over video, phone or message.

In January, Spill picked up £2 million seed funding led by Ada Ventures along with partner Francesca Warner and the government’s Future Fund initiative. It announced that the investment will be used to develop proactive tools that will help the company create a more psychologically considerate workplace.

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